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4200 Advanced User Interface Controller

The 4200 Advanced User Interface Controller (AUIC) is the central controller card in the 4200 Cable Management System. The 4200 AUIC manages the activity of the system cards and provides a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface.

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The 4200 AUIC provides an industry standard SNMP interface through an ethernet port. Standard Management Information Bases (MIBs) are supported in addition to Norscan MIBs. All 4200 Cable Management System functions can be remotely monitored, controlled and configured through this interface by your Network Operation Center (NOC) network management software.

In addition to the SNMP interface the 4200 AUIC can be configured to communicate over a telephone line using its modem or locally through an RS232 port. The ethernet port also supports a Telnet connection. The telephone connection is particularly useful for allowing third parties restricted access to the cable locate functions of the 4200 Multi-Tone Module.

The 4200 AUIC manages and monitors the activity of the following optional cards: Optical Alarm Unit (OAU), Multi-Tone Module (MTM), Alarm Circuit Unit (ACU), and Cathodic Protection Card (CPC). Any alarm condition detected by these optional cards is processed and reported by the AUIC.

The 4200 AUIC also manages the front panel LCD and Keypad interface which provides local system status and control.



  • Industry standard SNMP Interface
  • Standard MIBS are supported
  • Norscan MIBS are provided
  • Remote control via modem
  • Local control via RS 232 serial port
  • Telnet connection supported
  • Console interface available through modem, R2 232 & Telnet
  • Operating software remotely upgradable
  • AUIC is a direct replacement for any existing UIC
  • AUIC is keyed for installation only in slot 2 of the 4200 CMS chassis


9 x 2.75 x 2.125 in ( 23 x 7 x 5.4 cm)
.5 lbs (.23 kg)