What is Cable Monitoring?

Fiber erosion and ice crushes from water in your splices… Lightning strikes… Rodent chews… Cable dig-ups… There are many different ways damage can occur in your outside plant. If it were to go unreported, how would you ever know that your cable has been damaged (until it’s too late and your service is down)?

Cable Monitoring helps you stay informed by monitoring your outside plant for threats like these. Should damage occur, you receive an automatic alert and can schedule your maintenance right away. By catching these issues early, you’re able to fix them before they degrade into a service outage and a major, costly repair (or worse yet, a total cable replacement)!

How does it work?

Let’s face it, damage to your fiber optic cable is going to happen – that’s life. We help you stay on top of your maintenance by sending you automatic alerts when damage occurs.




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Why Cable Monitoring?

It all comes down to preventative maintenance. By staying on top of your network maintenance, it makes your life as an OSP Manager a heck of a lot easier (and cost effective).

Cut Costs

Fix minor issues before they turn into costly major repairs (or total cable replacements)!

Limit Downtime

With automatic alerts when damage occurs, you stay on top of your cable maintenance and avoid the dreaded service outage.

Improve Locating

The better the cable condition, the better the locate and the less damage and dig-ups occur.

Increase Longevity

It’s simple math:

A Healthy Cable – Damage & Dig-ups

= A Long-Lasting Network.

How do I get started?

Right here. Get in touch with our OSP management experts for a free network evaluation!

…Or let us handle it with our Remote Cable Monitoring services!