What is Touchless Locating?

What does your cable locating process look like right now? Typically, it’s made up of several simple, yet time-consuming steps. Your average locate begins with the technician accessing the outside plant to set up the transmitter, then performing and marking the locate, and finally returning to the network access point to collect the transmitter and revert the network to its originally grounded condition.

Touchless Locating virtually eliminates this lengthy and manual process. We install a permanent transmitter at your Central Office/Headend that can be remotely activated via phone. With just one phone call, our Touchless Locating equipment places the locate signal on the cable and technicians are ready to locate using any standard receiver – no outside plant access required. What’s better? We do it all for about 1% of the total cost of the build!

How does it work?

Locates are as easy as making a phone call, no manual setup or teardown required.




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Why Touchless Locating?

Well, it sounds really cool. But you can’t build a business case around that, so here are a few reasons that you can.

Faster Locating

We’ve trimmed the fat on traditional cable locating. No more setting up your portable transmitter. No more take-down. Just locate and mark.

Reliable Locating

Need more reliable locating? Our Locate Assurance verifies that your locate signal is reaching the end of the cable.

Safer Locating

With no Outside Plant access required, your network remains untouched and you stay out of harm’s way. Say goodbye to dealing with traffic control and confined spaces.

Cost Effective Locating

Ultra-fast locating means you finish your locates in half the time it normally takes, cutting your locate costs in half!

How do I get started?

Right here. Get in touch with our OSP management experts for a free network evaluation!