What is Intelligent Grounding?

You already know that grounding is an essential practice to protect your cable from transient voltages, but did you know that it also limits the distance of your locate signal? The problem with traditional grounding equipment is that it treats your locate signal the same as it treats all transient voltages by sending it directly to ground.

Intelligent Grounding equipment detects the type of activity on the cable and responds accordingly. If the equipment detects a transient voltage, it’s sent directly to ground, but if it detects a locate signal, the signal is allowed to pass through and travel far distances before ending at the termination point. The result? Your locate signal is extended by several miles!

How does it work?

It’s like a transient test for your cable. If the voltage on your cable is a transient, Intelligent Grounding sends it directly to ground. If it’s your locate signal, it’s allowed to pass through.




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Why Intelligent Grounding?

It protects your cable while making your locates faster, safer and more reliable. Here are just some of the reasons you’ll love Intelligent Grounding:

Extended Locating

Instead of going directly to ground, your locate signal is allowed to pass through and travel long distances.

Reliable Locating

No more uncertainty on whether or not your locate signal will reach your locate site.

Faster & Safer Locating

Save time and avoid danger by eliminating the need to access all those difficult-to-reach access points.

Protected Plant

Keep you and your plant protected with greater certainty. After all, what good would it be if it didn’t actually ground your cable?

How do I get started?

Right here. Get in touch with our OSP management experts for a free network evaluation!