What is Network Management Services?

We help you build it. We help you manage it. Here’s how:

Building Your Network

We leverage our 35+ years’ experience in Outside Plant management to help you get your network up and running fast. We walk you through every stage of the network implementation process, including:

  • Business Case

    Does it make sense? We start by helping you build your business case on network ownership.

  • Define

    What are your network requirements? What are the Outside Plant (OSP) specifications?

  • RFP

    Turning those specifications into an RFP, and issuing that RFP to the right audience.

  • Analyze

    Analyzing responses to the RFP and selecting a contractor.

  • Build

    Managing the build of your new network.

Why Should I Own my Network?

For starters, the long-term cost savings can be huge, but there are a lot more often-overlooked benefits to owning your network. Savings on VOIP telephone, scalability, and even potential revenue streams by way of selling excess bandwidth are just some of the several reasons why many are making the switch

Managing Your Network

Once you’re up and running, we handle all maintenance and support so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Onsite Inspections

Annual Tune-ups

Cable Locates

Emergency Repairs

Damage Alerts

Monthly Reports

How do I get started?

Right here. Get in touch with our OSP management experts and make the first step towards hassle-free network ownership.