Touchless locate myths – busted!

Touchless locate myths – busted!

What you don’t know may be inflating your maintenance budget – get the facts.


Myth #1:  Touchless locate systems can only be installed on new builds.

Not so – you can adopt touchless technology in your existing network by retrofitting the intelligent grounding and termination devices. Then simply add a rack-mounted transmitter and the upgrade is complete.

Myth #2:  My network isn’t big enough for touchless locates.

ROI is proportional to current locate costs. Significant savings can be achieved on almost any network, ranging in size from a few miles to thousands of miles.

Myth #3:  I need armored cable to perform touchless locates.

Reliable trace wire can also be used in a touchless locate scenario.

Myth #4:  It’s expensive to implement a touchless locate system.

Busted again! Per yard, the minimum cost to install and test fiber optic cable is $20. The additional cost to install touchless locating technology is $0.29 per yard.

Myth #5: Locates are inexpensive.

Locates are typically the single-largest operational cost in maintaining buried fiber optic cable. Reducing these costs by 50 to 75%, over the life of your cable, means tremendous savings.