Top 5 Dangers Of Cable Locating

Top 5 Dangers Of Cable Locating

At face value, cable locating doesn’t look like that dangerous of an activity, and while it’s not fishing or logging (two of the most dangerous occupations in the world), there are some very real dangers to be aware of when locating. Here are the top 5 dangers of cable locating:

  1. Traffic


    Often, the network access point you need to reach to setup your portable locate transmitter is positioned alongside a busy roadway. Even with proper permits and traffic control, you can’t control the behaviour of speeding or erratic drivers. And while you can control your own actions, there’s always a chance you might become so absorbed in your work that you forget about the dangers around you

  2. Confined Spaces


    Oh, and those roadside, dangerous-to-reach network access points? They get even more hazardous when they are in a manhole. Manholes are confined spaces, often filled with noxious gases that put you at risk. Proper training and constant monitoring of gas levels are essential to keep you safe inside manholes.

  3. Electrocution


    Often in large cities, the cables you are locating are found in ducts and handholes also used by power utilities for their high voltage cables. Working in these types of environments puts you at greater risk of electrocution.

  4. Mother Nature


    She’s big. She’s powerful. And she can be mean… Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and she can come at you any number of ways. Whether it’s rain creating a slippery work environment, snow covering unseen dangers, or the natural environment making it difficult to reach your network access point and/or locate site, Mother Nature can not only make your locates difficult, but dangerous as well.


    While not a direct danger to the locator, the accuracy of your locate (or lack thereof) can put the construction crew who will be working in the area at risk. If your locates are inaccurate, the crew working onsite runs the risk of hitting a cable, or worse yet, hitting a utility like a gas or power line.

Stay safe

Whatever the danger, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings, and to take the time to perform each step properly and safely. When you start taking shortcuts, the risk of danger to you and those around you climbs higher and higher.

Avoid the Danger!

Want to save time and avoid these dangers altogether? Touchless Locating ensures that you never have to access your outside plant to perform a cable locate. Technicians dial into the system, select a line, and the system places the locate signal on the line remotely, allowing you to perform your locates quickly, accurately, and most importantly, safely.