It cuts your locate costs in half (forever!)

Once the network is built, locating is your biggest ongoing maintenance cost. Touchless Locating revolutionizes the way cable locates are done, cutting the time and effort in half. With just one phone call, your technicians are ready to locate their cable – no extra equipment, no setup or takedown required.

You’ll achieve full ROI in just one year

With your cable locate costs cut in half, and at a cost of just 1% of the total build, it doesn’t take long to achieve full return on your investment. Most clients achieve full ROI in just one year, and because your locates are ongoing, the longer you use the system, the more you save and the better your ROI!

You’ll avoid service outages

Damage causes outages and outages cost money. Repairing damage before it causes outages will save you money. Allow us to show you where the damage has occurred with Cable Monitoring.

Your fiber cable is the backbone of your company

It’s your single biggest asset and it’s what your customers depend on daily to stay connected, which makes OSP maintenance a critical activity. For about 1% of the cost of your total fiber build, Norscan’s Touchless Locating and Cable Monitoring system makes your ongoing OSP maintenance faster, easier and more cost-effective. Ready to get started?

The 1% Solution

Meet the Total OSP Management Solution That Costs Just 1% or Less of Most Fiber Builds

It cuts your locate costs in half forever, giving you full ROI in 1 year. It measures the integrity of your OSP, helping you avoid service outages and all the while improving your call before you dig program.


It keeps you safer

By eliminating the need to access your outside plant during locating, Touchless Locating creates a safer work environment by eliminating some of the hazardous situations a locator typically faces like busy roadways and confined spaces.

It measures the integrity of your OSP

Keeping you cable in top condition is critical. With Norscan’s Cable Monitoring, you get better insight on the health and integrity of your cable through automatic damage alerts for things like cable faults, moisture in the splice, and more. With this intel, you’re able to better manage your cable maintenance by addressing issues early, which in return means…

You’ll improve your Call Before You Dig program

An effective locate requires a healthy, properly grounded outside plant. Norscan has the only system available that allows you to measure the locatability of your outside plant.