Norscan Turns 35

Norscan Turns 35

35 years ago, Norscan was born out of a need to monitor fiber optic cables by co-founders David Vokey and Ken Sontag.  What started in a garage as a couple of engineers with a passion for designing and building electronics, has since grown into a successful company with an array of products and services spanning several industries. As Norscan has grown over the past 35 years, many things have changed but one thing has remained constant – our unwavering passion for innovation.

From day one, Norscan has been creating cable management solutions for fiber optic network owners everywhere. Over the years we’ve helped countless organizations locate their cable faster and safer with our Touchless Locating line of products, as well as protecting their cable with our Cable Monitoring and Intelligent Grounding products.

In 1995, Norscan increased our footprint in the United States by opening a US office under the name of “Norscan Inc.”  During that time, Norscan developed an optical network intrusion detection technology in order to provide superior protection of secure data for military and government fiber optic networks. Today this technology continues to be improved and sells under the Network Integrity Systems, Inc. brand of products.

While our cable management products are still helping organizations today, Norscan has grown into so much more.

Leveraging our experience with the fiber optic cable outside plant, Norscan launched our Network Management services in 2009. As of today, Norscan has helped many of the school divisions in the Winnipeg and surrounding area build and manage their own private fiber optic cable network.

We also help other organizations innovate. In 2011, Norscan launched our Product Development and Contract Manufacturing services. Our experienced Engineering team has tackled numerous projects for organizations across many different industries, including life sciences, sports and entertainment, heavy industry, agriculture, and transportation.

Check out the slideshow below and join us for a trip down memory lane with some photos from our early years.