Norscan Refocuses On Core Cable Locating And Monitoring Solutions

Norscan Refocuses On Core Cable Locating And Monitoring Solutions

After a comprehensive assessment of our operations, Norscan is engaging in a process to align our core competencies with market opportunities and profit potential. Our key strength in developing innovative fiber optic cable locating and monitoring solutions is now our sole focus. That means that, starting in 2016, our engineering expertise is exclusively applied to providing an even higher level of service and support to our valued customers with outside plants  across North America.

As part of this streamlined vision, we are announcing a management change at Norscan. President and CEO Daniel Deleurme is leaving the company in the upcoming weeks, once he passes responsibilities to owner Ken Sontag. During his five years in the role, Daniel’s leadership and expertise was instrumental in positioning Norscan for enduring success in the fiber optic market.

“We’re thankful to Daniel for his outstanding contributions as the leader at Norscan and in previous roles,” said Ken, adding that he is excited about pursuing growth opportunities made possible by Daniel.

Please join us in wishing Daniel continued success in his career. If you have questions for Ken, please contact him at:

Ken Sontag
204-233-9138 ext. 222