Norscan Launches Remote Cable Monitoring Services

Norscan Launches Remote Cable Monitoring Services

Norscan is pleased to offer our new Remote Cable Monitoring service to all customers!

For years, our Cable Monitoring equipment has been helping network owners everywhere monitor their Outside Plant for potential threats and damage. During this time, we’ve had numerous client requests for a more managed approach in which Norscan handles, well, pretty much everything! “We’ve been providing a similar service as part of our Network Management services here in Manitoba, but until now, we haven’t been able to offer it on a global scale,” says Wally Motuz, Norscan’s Field Engineering Manager. “We’re really excited, and I think our clients are too. This is something they’ve been asking about for sometime.”

While there are many reasons to consider Remote Cable Monitoring, perhaps the biggest is our expertise in both Outside Plant management and Cable Monitoring. “With over 35 years in the business, we know a thing or two about Outside Plant Management,” says Norscan Sales & Marketing Manager Maurice Dequier. “Remote Cable Monitoring is a way for us to leverage that technical expertise to help network owners everywhere better manage their plant.”

Let Us Handle it!

From easy-to-read monthly reports, to expert support for Field Technicians and more, we handle it all.