Norscan Building Bus Training Boards For New Flyer Industries

Norscan Building Bus Training Boards For New Flyer Industries

For New Flyer Industries, safety has always been a top priority. The electrical equipment that goes into every New Flyer bus is far more complex than that found in the standard car, and knowing how to properly train instructors and the maintenance technicians who service that equipment is critical to the safety of everyone on board. It’s that importance that has driven New Flyer Industries to develop a training board that simulates a buses’ electrical system, and Norscan is excited to be a part of the production process.

To ensure that all technicians and instructors are fully trained, the electronics on every board have to be engineered to operate as close to a real bus as possible. “Essentially we are mirroring the electronic system of the bus,” explains Dave Schaefer, Product Development Specialist for this project. “We added circuitry to enable manual manipulation of inputs and simulate real-time bus events such as stop requests, fault conditions, and more. After the basic system function is taught, the instructor can set predefined fault conditions and challenge the students to trace and resolve the fault.”


At Norscan, we are always striving to improve our manufacturing processes to ensure high quality products and efficient use of resources. Through careful analysis of the purchasing and production process of the bus training boards, we were able to improve on both. Schaefer explains: “We improved upon the original design by streamlining the manufacturing processes. We also managed to leverage the capabilities of several of our vendors to improve the overall quality of the final product.”