Introducing The New Look For The 4200 Cable Management System

Introducing The New Look For The 4200 Cable Management System

Norscan is pleased to unveil a new look for our flagship 4200 Cable Management System (CMS)! We’ve made some substantial changes to the look of the 4200 CMS, but we’ve kept all the features and functionality you know and love the same. “We were looking to modernize the look and feel of the 4200,” says Norscan Marketing Coordinator Colin Ward. “The layout has been working well for us but we felt the design could benefit from a refresh.”

“Colin was challenged to orchestrate a new design for the 4200 and I’m very pleased with the new look!” says Norscan Instruments CEO, Daniel Deleurme.

What do you think of the new look? Drop us a line and let us know!


The 4200 CMS is your best tool to manage your outside plant fiber optic cable. Installed in your Central Office/Head End, the 4200 CMS facilitates faster, safer, more accurate cable locates, and prevents costly damage and downtime through its Touchless Cable Locating and Cable Monitoring technology.


Say goodbye to you portable cable locator transmitter and say hello to Touchless Locates. Our 4200 CMS is a centralized cable locator transmitter for your entire network that is installed permanently in your  Central Office/Head End. To perform a cable locate, simply phone our system, select the line you would like to locate, select the frequency of the locator you are using, and you’re ready to locate – all without even leaving your truck.


Sometimes, its nice to know the splice enclosure is full of water before it freezes. Or, to be aware of cable faults before they lead to signal loss, or even network outages if left unaddressed. The 4200 CMS provides you with around-the-clock monitoring of the integrity of your fiber cable. It can even serve as a self-test for the touchless locate system. If cable faults occur, you receive automatic alerts so that you can address those faults before they deteriorate into a costly major repair (or even total replacement).