Co-Op Students Profile: Rob Ring And Darlington Ogundu

Co-Op Students Profile: Rob Ring And Darlington Ogundu

In July, we introduced you to two of our summer co-op students, Braden Wyness and Steve Demedash. Today, we would like to introduce you to two more summer co-op students, Rob Ring and Darlington Ogundu.


Like Steve Demedash, Rob Ring was also brought on to Norscan as Junior Software Developer. Ring, a Business Information Technology student at Red River College, has been working on the web application programming interface (API) for Norscan’s Machine to Machine (M2M) system, as well as the web application for the Norscan Dashboard, an interactive tool for monitoring your outside plant fiber optic network. “Both the web API and web app that I’ve been working on are built using Ruby on Rails, which is part of the curriculum of my program,” says Ring. “Working with both a web API and web client that were built using Ruby on Rails has been a great way to learn about a different style of Rails architecture.”


Darlington Ogundu, a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Manitoba, joined Norscan as a Junior Hardware Developer. Having already successfully tackled several projects, Ogundu is currently working on a battery-capacity testing platform. “The experience at Norscan is exciting because every project is unique and presents new challenges,” Says Ogundu. “So far I have learned new skills in Analog Circuit Design, Linux Embedded Development and Computer Networking.”

Every summer co-op position is a learning experience, not just for the students, but for us as well. We take pride in the fact that students at Norscan have the opportunity to apply their skills and broaden their knowledge through real-world business and engineering projects. “I’ve been very happy with the amount that I’ve already learned in my first two months at Norscan and with the work I’ve been able to contribute so far,” says Ring. “It’s a positive, relaxed environment and the support I’ve received from my co-workers has made my experience so far a great introduction to working as a programmer.”