Norscan Set To Build Dark Fiber Network For One Of Their Clients

Norscan Set To Build Dark Fiber Network For One Of Their Clients

Norscan Instruments has been awarded a contract to build, own and lease a private dark fiber network. While Norscan has helped many organizations implement and/or manage their own fiber network, this is the first instance where Norscan will own the network, while leasing unrestricted use of the fiber to our client.

With Norscan owning and operating the private dark fiber network, our client is able to control (and reduce!) costs, while shifting the maintenance and overall risk that comes with owning a dark fiber network on to Norscan. “It’s really a win-win for both sides,” says Norscan’s Maurice Dequier. “For slightly more than they are currently spending on bandwidth, our client will see faster speeds, over 60 times more bandwidth, and increased security, which is always a top concern when dealing any organization’s sensitive data. We were also able to design a solution that supports network segmentation, and even provides the opportunity for future growth in connectivity requirements.”

The dark fiber approach is very attractive since the network connections are greatly simplified. The implementation, from an IT perspective, is exactly the same as plugging in a patch cord to a device that is physically in the same datacentre. The absence of provider-owned electronics makes the connection ultra simple, and eliminates any potential for incompatibility with carrier systems. It also allows the client to increase their bandwidth requirements without having to renegotiate agreements with a carrier.

About Norscan

Norscan has been providing monitoring and Touchless Locate solutions to the communications industry for 34 years.  In the last few years, Norscan has branched out and started offering managed network services and dark fiber consulting services. Interested in building your own dark fiber network? Visit our Network Management Services page or Contact Us to learn more!