Co-Op Students Apply Their Education At Norscan

Co-Op Students Apply Their Education At Norscan

Above, from left to right: Rob Ring, Steve Demedash, Braden Wyness, and Darlington Ogundu

As a company born and raised in Winnipeg, supporting the community and hiring local talent has always been a core value that Norscan believes strongly in. For years, Norscan has been hiring summer co-op students out of Red River College and the University of Manitoba for positions in both engineering and business. Students at Norscan have the opportunity to take their education outside the textbook and apply the skills they learned in school to real-world business and engineering projects. This summer, Norscan hired four students: Braden Wyness, Steve Demedash, Rob Ring, and Darlington Ogundu. The experience has always been a positive one for both Norscan and the students, and this year is no exception. Here’s what Wyness and Demedash have been up to!

Braden Wyness is a student at Red River College going into his final year of the Electrical Engineering Technology program. Brought on as a Field Engineering Technician, Braden has been helping Norscan with fibre optic field audits, fault finding, and various other Outside Plant (OSP) maintenance activities. “Many of the skills I’ve learned in school can be directly applied to my work here at Norscan,” says Wyness. “The techniques I’ve learned for design, measurement, and troubleshooting all relate directly to any fibre cable or trace wire I encounter in the field and allow me to understand the network at a higher level.”

Steve Demedash, an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Manitoba, joined Norscan as a Junior Software Developer. During his time here, Demedash has been helping out with the software redesign of an RV levelling system that Norscan has been developing for one of its clients. “As an Electrical Engineering student, this experience has lent me a great deal of knowledge in working with the computational side of electrical systems,” says Demedash. “This is something which my education is sparse on, but which I am heavily interested in.”

The experience has been a total win-win for Norscan and the students. While we are very pleased with the hard work that each student has been doing, we are even happier that the students are applying their skills and enjoying their experience here at Norscan. “To sum up my experience at Norscan: Awesome!” says Wyness. “The staff and leadership team here are all so knowledgeable and supportive. It has made this experience such a positive one for me, and I admit that I will be a little sad when it’s all over!”

Stay tuned to and our fall newsletter for an overview of Rob Ring and Darlington Ogundu’s experience at Norscan!